UV Texture Screen Printing

Our unique 3D Texture screen printing process creates a realistic look and feel of live product samples. The samples pictured here are clients offset paper prints that were screen printed with our special UV texture process. Our unique process allows us to print one, or multiple passes of coatings over an image, with excellent spot registration. This printing technique creates a realistic look and feel over offset paper prints of wood, tile, or stone images.

We can apply UV gloss, matte, and grit texture coatings to enhance the look of specific printed images, or patterns on your printed sheets. 3D texture finishes will draw a person’s attention to look and touch the surface of your customer’s printed project.

Our unique texture screen printing process will add that extra “Artistic Look” to your clients projects. This added printing process offers your clients more than just a nicely printed sheet. Now your clients product images will jump off the sheet!